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Vegas 2008 Convention Report Part 3

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And finally, part 3 of my Vegas 2008 convention report:

Seeing Avery Brooks on stage was awesome. He also presented a teacher recognition award, and the winner had submitted an essay. While they were presenting the award, a convention organizer on stage said that they’d read her essay if they had time at the end, but Mr. Brooks insisted that the winner stay on stage and he read her essay right then and there, insisting that we had time, *now*. And it was a great essay.

Mr. Brooks had his funny moments on stage, and also some “deep” moments. What I loved most was a question from a fan who asked what was more important to him, recognition from his peers, or recognition from his fans. I don’t remember everything he said, but he did say that he really enjoyed meeting fans, meeting with all of us backstage getting his autograph, getting to know and meet people was very important to him, and if we ever saw him on stage at some big awards ceremony making a big deal out of some award he’d gotten, then we should stop going to see him at conventions.
There was also a kid who came up to ask a question but kept stumbling over his words, so Mr. Brooks brought the kid up on stage, sat the kid down in the celebrity’s chair, handed the kid a microphone and told him to ask his question. I can’t even remember what the question was, I just thought it was really awesome that Mr. Brooks brought the kid up on stage, and someone is going to have a great convention story to tell…

Mr. Brooks was a tough act to follow, but Alexander Siddig did a great job anyway. He hasn’t done a convention for a long time because he has been so busy with the various films and shows he’s been doing. But he had some great DS9 stories to tell, like while filming a scene in “If Wishes Were Horses”, he and Terry Farrell kept falling off the bed laughing, probably because they were both horrible kissers. And he also had a great story about riding around in a limo with Colm Meaney on St. Patrick’s Day and hitting all the pubs in LA. At one pub Sid insisted on buying the next round, but the bartender wouldn’t serve him. So he goes back to Colm all confused, saying that the bartender must think he’s black or something and wouldn’t serve him. And Colm tells him no, it’s not because he thinks you’re black, it’s because you’re English.

Speaking of being English, Sid did mention that he has one English parent, and one Sudanese, and he did shorten and change his name because he was tired of people reading it and saying, “Hi Mr….. ummmmm…. uhhhh…”

Aefter Alexander Siddig, my day was over. There was a dessert party and the convention also took over the Star Trek Experience for that evening. I kinda wish I had plunked out the $200 for that because it would have been my last chance to go, but I heard that it was really crowded and that they jacked up the price of drinks for it, so maybe I was better off spending the $200 on the autograph tickets.

So, that’s my Vegas convention story. If Colm Meaney or Cirroc Lofton show up to next year’s convention, I will probably go (if I can convince a friend to go with me, I hate traveling alone and it’s cheaper to split a hotel room), because I really want to complete my DS9 cast autograph collection. Otherwise, I’m not sure if I’m going next year or not. It worked out well this year as my boyfriend and I have a mutal friend in Vegas we were going to visit and it was the same weekend as our anniversary, but the stars may not align for us next year. We’ll see.

Anyone else go to the convention? Have some great stories to tell? Did I miss anything good in my report? Leave a comment!

Live Long and Prosper



My Vegas 2008 Autograph Collection

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Hey World!

My apologies for not posting sooner. I got home from Vegas and the convention and promptly came down with a nasty summer cold. And then I started school the week after that. So I haven’t had a chance to type up a convention report yet, but I did scan all of the autographs I got so I could post them here to show off 😉

I’ll try to get a convention report posted in the next couple of weeks and see about uploading some of my Star Trek Experience soon. But it could be a while as I have school keeping me busy and a camping trip coming up soon.

Live Long and Prosper,

=/\= TrekkieGirl



My Convention Tickets Are Here!!!

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So I checked my snail mail today, and my tickets for the convention in Vegas next month are here!!! I’m just going on Saturday, so I got a general admission ticket and autograph tickets for Alexander Siddig and Avery Brooks. I’ll be sure to scan and post my updated photo of the DS9 cast with my new autographs when I get back! I’ve already got 4 out of 8 autographs, so when I get back it will be 6 out of 8.

I may also plunk out for another Alexander Siddig autograph ticket at the convention. I was going to pre-order two tickets for him (one for my group photo and one for my solo photo) but when I saw all the convenience fees I figured I’d just get one now and save myself $7.25 and get the second one at the convention.

I can’t wait!!! It’s only… 16 days away!!!! Yippie!!! I have been waiting for this since last December when my boyfriend and I decided we’d go to Vegas this summer. Well, I’ve been waiting for a lot longer for a chance to go to this convention, but the dream only started becoming a reality last December. I haven’t been to a convention since 1998, and this will be my second trip to Vegas.

And I’ll be sure to bring my camera along this time with lots of extra batteries and a 2 gig memory card. I didn’t have my fancy digital camera at the last convention I went to or the last time I went to Vegas, so I’m really looking forward to not being limited to how many 30-shot rolls of film I can carry. I suspect I’ll fill up my 1 and 2 gig memory cards with 2000+ photos… Now how good they will all turn out is another question…

Just 16 days left!!! See you in Vegas!

Episode Review #4 – DS9 “Past Tense parts I & II”

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The usual warning for my episode reviews: Spoilers within, I don’t provide a summary so it helps if you’ve watched the episode already.

Wow… I had a lot of things going through my head while I watched this episode. Part of me was nitpicking a bit (like, if Chris Brenner was such a big media tycoon, wouldn’t it have caused some damage to the timeline if he were to lose his interface license? Even if he did get great ratings?), but for the most part this episode really hit close to home on a few different levels.

Quite literally, the episode took place in San Francisco, and I live pretty close to SF. I’ve been there enough times to see all of the problems they have with homelessness, I’ve had plenty of people there ask me for spare change. And it isn’t just in SF either, even over in Berkeley and Oakland, I run into plenty of homeless people asking for change, I don’t have to go far from home to find them. And plenty of them are obviously mentally ill and need treatment and aren’t getting it (As Bashir notices about many of the sanctuary residents).

As far as the timeline goes, 2024 isn’t that far away. While people may wonder if we’re that close to having sanctuary districts and riots in them, it’s worth noting that I once read that the city of Los Angeles was considering starting up something like a sanctuary district. And the story hit the papers about the same time this episode aired. Freaky, huh?

While Star Trek has always been good at exploring social issues by cloaking them in a sci-fi storyline, the writers aren’t usually this direct. They did a great job of using Bashir, the “young” doctor who considered 21st century history too depressing, to ask the questions that we ought to be asking ourselves. How did we let things get this bad? And how do we stop this from happening again? He never presented us with any answers (and I’m not going to either, even though I do have some ideas), but simply asked the audience to consider these questions.

This episode got me thinking, while not so much on the issue of dealing with homelessness, but on improving the world in general. I’m pretty pessimistic about the world today and where we’re heading, and watching this episode reminded me of that and had me asking myself, what am I doing to make the world a better place? When I was in college I was studying to be an accountant, but just before graduation and during my first job I realized that I felt like my job was doing nothing more than helping the rich get richer. After a few other side jobs and a lot of time thinking about just what I wanted to do with my life, I found that I was a lot more interested in teaching and found it a lot more rewarding. Maybe I can’t singlehandedly change the world, but I can encourage a lot of other people to really think about how they can.

So how did this episode affect you? Leave me some comments, I want to know what everyone else thought of this episode!

Live Long and Prosper…


1998 Convention Report

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Well a few posts back someone asked if I had ever been to a Star Trek Convention before. And yes, I’ve been to 2 conventions before. But I’ll start with the most recent one I went to back in 1998 in San Francisco.

This was a convention put on by Creation Entertainment. Honestly, I don’t know who else does them, and I always go to Creation’s website to look for other conventions.

I’m not sure if this was the last one Creation did in San Francisco, or if it was just the last one I went to because the next year they didn’t have any guests I was interested in seeing. But in 1998, well I had been to the same convention the year before and wasn’t quite so much of a newbie this time, so I bought my ticket in advance when the guest list came out.

Don’t ask me why, but the Ticketmaster outlet I had gone to didn’t have any of the gold circle seating, so I got stuck with preferred seats instead. But I was able to shell out a little more $$$ and upgrade to Gold the day of the convention. And it was totally worth it as I was front and center… well, second row actually, but I was in the center. Awesome seat!

I only went on Saturday, even though it was a 2 day convention, because the DS9 actors were going to be there Saturday. Rene Auberjonois and Armin Shimerman were there, and I had little DS9 autograph collection going that I wanted to add to. Garrett Wang was also there, and while I wasn’t a huge Voyager fan at the time, I figured I had a close-to-front row seat and thus a guaranteed autograph, so I plunked out $5 to get a photo for him to autograph.

Most of the other stuff at the convention is kind of a blur. It was 10 years ago almost, and I was really going just to see the actors on stage and get autographs. Garrett Wang was great though. Like I said, not a huge Voyager fan, but he was great. He also did a great Tuvok impression, was very creative in dodging a question about his age, and when asked if he played any sports he said something about the producers not liking that too much because it’s tough to explain sports injuries in the show. He mentioned that one time Tim Russ had sprained his ankle playing something and it made filming pretty interesting since he couldn’t exactly walk right for a few days.

A few hours after Garrett, Armin Shimerman came out. They were running a bit late, but Armin took his time taking questions from the fans and I remember him being a whole lot of fun as well. And since they were running late and Rene Auberjonois was supposed to come after Armin, well, Rene finally figured he just come out on stage too! And man I have never seen so many cameras flash in my life with those two on stage! I immediately regretted not bringing an extra roll of film, but managed to get a few shots of them together on stage anyway.

They were both on stage together for a while and then it was just Rene for a while taking questions from the fans. I got the courage to go get in line, and wanted to be more creative than “What’s your favorite episode?” so I asked him “What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on the set?”. He told a story about how it takes hours to do makeup, and how lots of other actors have really crazy make up that you can barely talk through, and after spending hours getting their makeup put on they’d have to eat lunch. So yeah, seeing everyone with their faces covered in prosthetics and makeup trying to eat lunch was the strangest thing he’d ever seen on set!

So after all the actors were on stage, well everything is kind of a blur again. I think they brought somebody out to talk about DS9’s upcoming 7th season and gave us some sneak peaks at the new Dax host. Yeah, well, it was nothing I hadn’t heard on the internet already. And then they decided for autographs, instead of taking everyone backstage, they had them done on stage, and we went up row by row, with all 3 of the guests on stage at the same time.

Usually when getting autographs they want to keep the line moving quick, especially if the guests have to be someplace soon after or they’re getting really tired. So you don’t get much of a chance to say more than “Thanks!”. But for some reason the line was moving a little slow, and I was pretty close to the beginning of the line, so I had a chance to chat with each person for a moment.

After getting Garrett’s autograph I joked with him that I must have hit my head recently because I’d been seeing a lot of stars lately and had run into Kristi Yamaguchi at my local ice rink (true story, btw, I had started figure skating 8 months earlier and have since run into several famous skaters at my home rink, including several close encounters with Brian Boitano on the ice, and getting Michelle Kwan’s autograph while we waited in line at the snack bar). Garrett asked how Kristi was doing and I mentioned that I’d seen her out practicing and still popping off triple jumps like they were nothing.

Garret Wang's Autograph

Next in line I think was Rene, and then Armin. I can’t remember if it was Rene or Armin, but one of them (or maybe both) noticed that I already had two other autographs in my collection. And I remember Armin was offering to personalize autographs for everyone without people even asking him to, so he found space on my group autograph to do just that. Man, I wish I’d gotten solo photos of him and Rene if I’d known I’d have time for them both to sign that and the group picture. Oh well, maybe in Vegas… I think they’re both on the guest list.

TrekkieGirl's DS9 Cast Autograph Collection

After autographs I ran into one of my friends from school. Yeah, ain’t that a coincidence! And this is the same person that I’m going with my boyfriend to visit in Vegas this August. So if he can get the day off from work then I’m sure he’ll be at the convention with me, and my boyfriend… Well he can go to some car show or the atomic testing museum since he wouldn’t appreciate being at the world’s biggest Star Trek convention!

Then I made my way downstairs to where all the vendors were. Everything was really too rich for my teenage blood, but someone that I sat next to at the convention saw me drooling over an autographed picture of Alexander Siddig (autographed before he changed his name for Hollywood, and with the character name as well!) and she gave me the $20 I needed along with the $20 I had to buy the picture! That was so sweet of her! And of course I was saying, no really, she didn’t have to do that, but she insisted and just told me that if I ever ran into a little kid who was really a nice kid and really wanted something but didn’t have the cash, if I had something extra on hand then to do the same thing for them (and if you’re that nice lady reading this, I just want you to know about all the kids that I’ve given passes to the ice rink! And the people at the rink would see it and then whenever I prepaid for 10 sessions in advance, they’d throw in a few extra freebies. Pay it forward…)

So after all that… well I sure didn’t want to go home, but I did and made sure to put all of those autographs in a safe place and got my pictures developed. And I was right back on Creation’s website looking for another convention to go to. Unfortunately that’s the last one I remember in San Francisco, and just getting a ride there was hard enough, let alone getting someone to go with me out of town just for a convention. So I haven’t been to any conventions since then. Well, until Vegas this year. I can’t wait!!!

See you in Vegas…


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Another Great YouTube Video – Morn’s Chug-A-Lug

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So I was looking through my YouTube favorites to see if I had spotted any other great Star Trek videos to share, and I ran into Morn’s Chug-A-Lug Version 2.0.

I love this video!!! Well, duh, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be posting it here, now would I? This video has a way of brightening my whole day. Morn is such a lovable guy and has so many great scenes, even if he never says a word. Who knew that keeping quiet could make you so popular? I’m with Jadzia on this one, he is so cute!!! I think I’m in love… lol!

Although I do want to punch Worf after watching this video. Sheesh, Klingons, what is it about beating up someone smaller than you that they might find attractive?

Well without further adu, here is Morn’s Chug-A-Lug, Version 2.0, thanks to greywolfe359

I love you Morn! Call me! 😉

=/\= TrekkieGirl

***Disclaimer: Star Trek and all the shows and characters and etc. are owned by CBS/Paramount. No copyright infringement intended. This blog is a collection of TrekkieGirl’s opinions and commentaries on the show, conventions, and other Star Trek related topics. TrekkieGirl writes about Trek for fun, not profit.***