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Vegas 2008 Convention Report Part 3

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And finally, part 3 of my Vegas 2008 convention report:

Seeing Avery Brooks on stage was awesome. He also presented a teacher recognition award, and the winner had submitted an essay. While they were presenting the award, a convention organizer on stage said that they’d read her essay if they had time at the end, but Mr. Brooks insisted that the winner stay on stage and he read her essay right then and there, insisting that we had time, *now*. And it was a great essay.

Mr. Brooks had his funny moments on stage, and also some “deep” moments. What I loved most was a question from a fan who asked what was more important to him, recognition from his peers, or recognition from his fans. I don’t remember everything he said, but he did say that he really enjoyed meeting fans, meeting with all of us backstage getting his autograph, getting to know and meet people was very important to him, and if we ever saw him on stage at some big awards ceremony making a big deal out of some award he’d gotten, then we should stop going to see him at conventions.
There was also a kid who came up to ask a question but kept stumbling over his words, so Mr. Brooks brought the kid up on stage, sat the kid down in the celebrity’s chair, handed the kid a microphone and told him to ask his question. I can’t even remember what the question was, I just thought it was really awesome that Mr. Brooks brought the kid up on stage, and someone is going to have a great convention story to tell…

Mr. Brooks was a tough act to follow, but Alexander Siddig did a great job anyway. He hasn’t done a convention for a long time because he has been so busy with the various films and shows he’s been doing. But he had some great DS9 stories to tell, like while filming a scene in “If Wishes Were Horses”, he and Terry Farrell kept falling off the bed laughing, probably because they were both horrible kissers. And he also had a great story about riding around in a limo with Colm Meaney on St. Patrick’s Day and hitting all the pubs in LA. At one pub Sid insisted on buying the next round, but the bartender wouldn’t serve him. So he goes back to Colm all confused, saying that the bartender must think he’s black or something and wouldn’t serve him. And Colm tells him no, it’s not because he thinks you’re black, it’s because you’re English.

Speaking of being English, Sid did mention that he has one English parent, and one Sudanese, and he did shorten and change his name because he was tired of people reading it and saying, “Hi Mr….. ummmmm…. uhhhh…”

Aefter Alexander Siddig, my day was over. There was a dessert party and the convention also took over the Star Trek Experience for that evening. I kinda wish I had plunked out the $200 for that because it would have been my last chance to go, but I heard that it was really crowded and that they jacked up the price of drinks for it, so maybe I was better off spending the $200 on the autograph tickets.

So, that’s my Vegas convention story. If Colm Meaney or Cirroc Lofton show up to next year’s convention, I will probably go (if I can convince a friend to go with me, I hate traveling alone and it’s cheaper to split a hotel room), because I really want to complete my DS9 cast autograph collection. Otherwise, I’m not sure if I’m going next year or not. It worked out well this year as my boyfriend and I have a mutal friend in Vegas we were going to visit and it was the same weekend as our anniversary, but the stars may not align for us next year. We’ll see.

Anyone else go to the convention? Have some great stories to tell? Did I miss anything good in my report? Leave a comment!

Live Long and Prosper



Vegas 2008 Convention Report Part 2

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And here is part two of my Vegas 2008 convention report:

After Walter Koenig I believe there were two of the writers on stage, Brannon Braga and Ron Moore if I remember correctly, and they took lots of questions from the fans, and of course some complaints too for things they did, and things they did not do, on the shows they wrote for. After them came a composer for the show, but he didn’t take questions from the audience, only questions from some convention organizer who sat on stage asking questions. I wasn’t paying too much attention to that part as I was waiting in line for an autograph with Walter Koenig, who was backstage signing. I did get my autograph from Walter, and he offered to personalize it too, which  the “big” stars with the expensive autograph tickets and long lines typically don’t do.

After Walter, Rene Auberjonois and Armin Shimerman were on stage. And yes, I tried getting pictures, but I had such awful seats none of them came out right, and they wouldn’t let you move forward for a moment to take a few good shots, so I’m not posting any pictures. But what I go to conventions for are autographs anyway. I’ll get front row seats and take lots of pictures after I’ve completed my DS9 cast collection and when I’m making lots of money and can take 5 days off work to get gold seats. But unfortunately they don’t sell single day gold seats 😛 I’d pay $100 for one day gold seats, but I can’t get time off school to be at the convention for all 4-5 days.

Anyway, for most of Rene and Armin’s talk I was standing in the autograph line for Avery Brooks and Alexander Siddig, and I was chatting with a guy in line (who was also an Air Force captian and he said it was really cool when he became a captian in the Air Force to *really* be a captian of something, not of the swim team or things like that, but in the military). But I do remember that they both were a lot of fun on stage together, and Rene mentioning that “The Ascent” was a really great episode for both of their characters, and in fact the only episode that both characters had. Despite the great dynamic between the two of them and how they were known for their constant insults back and forth, their entire relationship (up until “The Ascent”) was developed through a scene or two in each episode, one episode Odo would show up in the bar and insult Quark, the next episode Quark would show up in the security office and insult Odo.

So after waiting an eternity in the autograph line, I got to meet *Mr.* Brooks, and he really took time with each of the fans to shake hands, ask your name, chat with you for a moment, sign your autographs, and thank you for coming out to the convention. Alexander Siddig was signing at the next table, and either he wasn’t quite as talkative or I was too tounge tied to say much. But I will say now that he is sooooooooo *hot* in person!!! The camera doesn’t do him justice!!! I was about to pass out in the autograph line just from glancing in his direction! But somehow I got his autograph, and he also noticed that Armin had personalized my DS9 cast photo (I got Armin’s autograph years ago at a convention in San Francisco, so I didn’t get his autograph at this convention).

After Rene and Armin were on stage, Nana Visitor came out and took some questions, and then sang a few songs from her nightclub act. I would have stayed longer, but I had seen Nana on stage before at another convention in San Francisco many years ago, and I had heard while waiting in the autograph line that Brent Spiner was in the dealer’s room promoting his new album and signing the album for people. Okay, so it wasn’t a picture of him as Data, but he is an incredible actor and I loved his character on TNG, so I made a run for the dealer’s room and got a copy of the CD (which isn’t produced by an RIAA label!!! Wooohoooo!!! Boycott the RIAA!!! Support independent music!), and told Brent that I was thrilled to see some independent music and he mentioned that he has his own recording studio so he doesn’t have to deal with a record label. Of course it is a bit pricier than the typical CD because he has to recoup the costs, but at least in his case it’s actually going to the artist (rather than $15 to the record label and 30 cents to the artist). And I also got it autographed, so the CD and the autograph together were a pretty good deal, money-wise at least.

While in the dealer’s room, I also got Natalia Nogulich and Barry Jenner’s autographs. I spent a few minutes talking to Barry about Vegas, the convention, and all that good stuff. We both agreed that Inter Arma Eniem Silent Leges was a great episode (his favorite episode that he was in), and he mentioned that he hadn’t seen much of DS9 before his role in it, so I suggested the first season episode “Duet” as a great episode from DS9’s earlier seasons. He also mentioned that he hasn’t done a lot of conventions, that they’re fun, but by only doing a few it’s a real treat to see him there. I mentioned that I had driven to the convention from the Bay Area, and he also mentioned that once a year he commutes from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and yes that drive on I-5 isn’t too bad, just downright boring, and you shouldn’t just drive it straight through, stop and check out a few places along the way (like the restaurant at Harris Ranch 😉 must go there if you’re driving down I-5 to Vegas or LA).

After browsing through the dealer’s room and not finding a whole lot of anything I was willing to shell out lots of $$$ for (lots of nice Trek Hallmark Christmas ornaments, but they were all double the retail price and I’m happy with my Defiant ornament), I headed back to the main auditorium and caught the last of Nana’s talk on stage. After Nana they decided they were running early, so we had a long break before Avery Brooks came on stage.

Part 3 will be coming soon, I hope! We’ll conclude with Avery Brooks and Alexander Siddig on stage!

Until then, Live long and prosper!


Vegas 2008 – Convention Report Part 1

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Hey everyone! I finally got around to posting this convention report I typed over Labor Day weekend while on my last camping trip of the summer. I had plenty of time to write while I was in the middle of nowhere, so I’m going to break this post up into several parts. For part 1, we’ll have my report on my day at the convention from the beginning through Walter Koenig’s stage appearance.

Greetings from the middle of nowhere!

It took me so long to recover from Vegas that I haven’t had time to write my report from the convention until 3 weeks later. Well, maybe being in the middle of nowhere on a camping trip with no cell phone signal has helped me find the time to write.

I was only able to make it to the convention on Saturday. I couldn’t get to Vegas until Thursday (well, early Friday morning was more like it) and spent Friday cruising around the strip with my boyfriend, and a good part of Friday afternoon I was at the Star Trek Experience for one last time (more on that in another post).

But I was at the convention all day Saturday. Got there bright and early at 9 am to see Salome Jens on stage. She played the female changeling on DS9, and I remember one cute question from a little kid asking her how she did the whole shape shifting trick, to which her response was, “magic”.

Not long after Salome Jens came Nicole DeBoer, who played Ezri Dax on DS9. She was limping back and forth across the stage because of a sprained toe, something to do with her husband not putting the stroller back right. But despite having to limp back and forth between the microphones, she answered a lot of questions from the audience.

I found it interesting when she said that Nicole had not seen DS9 prior to getting the role of Ezri, and did not talk to Terry before she started working on the show either. She also mentioned that when she first started working with Avery Brooks she always called him Avery. When another person who had been with the show for a long time (can’t remember exactly who, someone behind the scenes) overheard her doing this, he told her not to call Avery Brooks by just his first name, even if she was working with him, Mr. Brooks did not like it. I made a point of remembering the moral of this little story when I later met Mr. Brooks that afternoon.

After Nicole DeBoer finished on stage, the dealer room opened up, and Jeffery Combs and J.G. Hertzler were on stage together, but I missed most of their talk because I ran over to the dealer room to buy some autograph tickets and to see who else was there. Chase Masterson and Max Grodénchik were there signing autographs. Chase didn’t have much of a line so I got her autograph first and got it on a photo of Leeta and Rom. Then I took my photo over to the other line and also got it autographed by Max. Unlike the autograph line I waited in at my first convention, the celebrities signing in the dealer’s room were really happy to chat with the fans for a few moments, shake your hand, personalize autographs, and all that good stuff. I chatted with Chase for a few moments as she didn’t have much of a line, but Max was a little more on the shy side and had a longer line, so I didn’t get much of a chance to chat.

After the dealer’s room I got back to the main auditorium where Jeffery Combs and J.G. Hertzler were just finishing up. I somewhat regret missing most of them on stage, as what I did catch was a whole lot of fun. J.G. Hertzler even jumped off stage at one point when he saw a fan in a full Klingon outfit. I dunno if they butted heads or something like that, it was kinda hard to see from where I was.

Later Walter Koenig was on stage, and there were lots of questions about Chekov’s character and how he wasn’t really fleshed out very well and was added at the last minute, and would Walter have liked to see more character development in Chekov. There were a few Babylon 5 questions, as Walter did a great job playing the role of Bester on that show. There was also a question from a fan about a line that Walter had in Star Trek VI, when they are on the bridge just before the Enterprise fires on the Klingon ship and Kirk asks Chekov if he’s detecting something on sensors, and Chekov answers, “Only the size of my head”. The line was so well done that the fan wanted to know if Walter had improvised it, but he had not. Like many other actors on stage that day, he mentioned that they were very strict about following the script and you had to go upstairs to get permission to change it.

And probably my favorite question from a fan was when someone went up and started asking questions about the “Nuclear Wessels” scene in Star Trek IV. Walter immediately caught on that she wanted him to say *that* line, jokingly complained that people always want him to say that line, and then said it. The crowd laughed and applauded in appreciation, and Walter mentioned that they were going to put that line on his tombstone.

Well, that’s all for right now.   Part two will start off with the stage appearances from some writers and continue through my trip to the dealer’s room. Part 3, I’m sure that’s what you’ve been waiting for, will cover the stage appearances of Avery Brooks and Alexander Siddig.

Live long and prosper,

=/\= TrekkieGirl

My Vegas 2008 Autograph Collection

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Hey World!

My apologies for not posting sooner. I got home from Vegas and the convention and promptly came down with a nasty summer cold. And then I started school the week after that. So I haven’t had a chance to type up a convention report yet, but I did scan all of the autographs I got so I could post them here to show off 😉

I’ll try to get a convention report posted in the next couple of weeks and see about uploading some of my Star Trek Experience soon. But it could be a while as I have school keeping me busy and a camping trip coming up soon.

Live Long and Prosper,

=/\= TrekkieGirl



My Convention Tickets Are Here!!!

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So I checked my snail mail today, and my tickets for the convention in Vegas next month are here!!! I’m just going on Saturday, so I got a general admission ticket and autograph tickets for Alexander Siddig and Avery Brooks. I’ll be sure to scan and post my updated photo of the DS9 cast with my new autographs when I get back! I’ve already got 4 out of 8 autographs, so when I get back it will be 6 out of 8.

I may also plunk out for another Alexander Siddig autograph ticket at the convention. I was going to pre-order two tickets for him (one for my group photo and one for my solo photo) but when I saw all the convenience fees I figured I’d just get one now and save myself $7.25 and get the second one at the convention.

I can’t wait!!! It’s only… 16 days away!!!! Yippie!!! I have been waiting for this since last December when my boyfriend and I decided we’d go to Vegas this summer. Well, I’ve been waiting for a lot longer for a chance to go to this convention, but the dream only started becoming a reality last December. I haven’t been to a convention since 1998, and this will be my second trip to Vegas.

And I’ll be sure to bring my camera along this time with lots of extra batteries and a 2 gig memory card. I didn’t have my fancy digital camera at the last convention I went to or the last time I went to Vegas, so I’m really looking forward to not being limited to how many 30-shot rolls of film I can carry. I suspect I’ll fill up my 1 and 2 gig memory cards with 2000+ photos… Now how good they will all turn out is another question…

Just 16 days left!!! See you in Vegas!

Vegas 2008 – Alexander Siddig Added to Guest List!!!

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So I was checking and found the other day that they posted the prices for autograph tickets for Vegas 2008!!! Since I’m working on completing my set of autographs from the DS9 cast, I was jumping for joy when I saw that Avery Brooks will be signing, $50 bucks a pop. Hey, even on my college student’s budget, I will make the $$$!!! Even if I have to eat Top Ramen in Vegas!

I went back to the site today to see if there had been any schedule updates, and I saw that ALEXANDER SIDDIG IS GONNA BE IN VEGAS!!!! Too bad my dad was home when I read that, otherwise I would have been jumping up and down screaming!!! Well, it’s tentative according to the site, but still, I don’t have his autograph yet either!!! Okay, so that’s $95 bucks to save up… and Nicole DeBoer will be there, so make that $120+. And I’ll also need to buy at least one general admission ticket, which looks like it will run anywhere from $30-$40 since general admission for all 5 days is now on sale for $149.

On my college student’s budget, and since we’re driving to Vegas on Wednesday or Thursday, I’ll probably be going on Saturday, and maybe an extra day if I need it to get an autograph. In the meantime, I’d better start eating more Top Ramen and saving up some $$$ for this… Anyone need a math tutor?

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Just reserved my hotel room for Vegas 2008!!!

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So I finally took the plunge and reserved my first hotel room! My boyfriend and I have been planning a road trip to Vegas this summer to visit a friend of ours. Of course, visiting our friend is just an excuse for me to get to Vegas during the world’s biggest Star Trek convention!

My boyfriend isn’t a Trekkie (Nobody’s perfect…), but I’m sure he can find a car show or something to go gawk at while I work on adding more autographs to my Deep Space 9 cast photo from Season 1. I’ll be sure to scan the picture and upload it soon!

Unfortunately, due to my college student’s budget, I won’t be at the convention all five days, but I’ll have to pick and choose a few days to go and buy autograph tickets for the stars I REALLY want autographs from. Even so, I’ll post a full report once I get home from the convention. I know, I know, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but I think I can make an exception for the convention…

***Disclaimer: Star Trek and all the shows and characters and etc. are owned by CBS/Paramount. No copyright infringement intended. This blog is a collection of TrekkieGirl’s opinions and commentaries on the show, conventions, and other Star Trek related topics. TrekkieGirl writes about Trek for fun, not profit.***