My Convention Tickets Are Here!!!

So I checked my snail mail today, and my tickets for the convention in Vegas next month are here!!! I’m just going on Saturday, so I got a general admission ticket and autograph tickets for Alexander Siddig and Avery Brooks. I’ll be sure to scan and post my updated photo of the DS9 cast with my new autographs when I get back! I’ve already got 4 out of 8 autographs, so when I get back it will be 6 out of 8.

I may also plunk out for another Alexander Siddig autograph ticket at the convention. I was going to pre-order two tickets for him (one for my group photo and one for my solo photo) but when I saw all the convenience fees I figured I’d just get one now and save myself $7.25 and get the second one at the convention.

I can’t wait!!! It’s only… 16 days away!!!! Yippie!!! I have been waiting for this since last December when my boyfriend and I decided we’d go to Vegas this summer. Well, I’ve been waiting for a lot longer for a chance to go to this convention, but the dream only started becoming a reality last December. I haven’t been to a convention since 1998, and this will be my second trip to Vegas.

And I’ll be sure to bring my camera along this time with lots of extra batteries and a 2 gig memory card. I didn’t have my fancy digital camera at the last convention I went to or the last time I went to Vegas, so I’m really looking forward to not being limited to how many 30-shot rolls of film I can carry. I suspect I’ll fill up my 1 and 2 gig memory cards with 2000+ photos… Now how good they will all turn out is another question…

Just 16 days left!!! See you in Vegas!


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