Vegas 2008 – Alexander Siddig Added to Guest List!!!

So I was checking and found the other day that they posted the prices for autograph tickets for Vegas 2008!!! Since I’m working on completing my set of autographs from the DS9 cast, I was jumping for joy when I saw that Avery Brooks will be signing, $50 bucks a pop. Hey, even on my college student’s budget, I will make the $$$!!! Even if I have to eat Top Ramen in Vegas!

I went back to the site today to see if there had been any schedule updates, and I saw that ALEXANDER SIDDIG IS GONNA BE IN VEGAS!!!! Too bad my dad was home when I read that, otherwise I would have been jumping up and down screaming!!! Well, it’s tentative according to the site, but still, I don’t have his autograph yet either!!! Okay, so that’s $95 bucks to save up… and Nicole DeBoer will be there, so make that $120+. And I’ll also need to buy at least one general admission ticket, which looks like it will run anywhere from $30-$40 since general admission for all 5 days is now on sale for $149.

On my college student’s budget, and since we’re driving to Vegas on Wednesday or Thursday, I’ll probably be going on Saturday, and maybe an extra day if I need it to get an autograph. In the meantime, I’d better start eating more Top Ramen and saving up some $$$ for this… Anyone need a math tutor?

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2 Responses to “Vegas 2008 – Alexander Siddig Added to Guest List!!!”

  1. Anessa Says:

    Wow that sounds like loads of fun except possibly the completely Ramen based diet lol. Have you ever been to a convention before? Hope you have loads of fun whether it’s your first time or not =)

  2. TrekkieGirl Says:

    Lol, yeah, I’ve been doing lots of research into cheap eats in Vegas. Only because I’m not sure about how I’m gonna boil water in my hotel room to make the Ramen!

    I have been to 2 other conventions, both in San Francisco, almost 10 years ago. I’ll add a blog about those once I get around to scanning my pictures and autographs.

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