New J&J Video on YouTube!

One of the biggest mistakes the writers made with Deep Space Nine was never getting Julian and Jadzia together. So many reasons this would have been the best couple on DS9… And then that Klingon came along.

Well, that’s why we have fanfiction, so when the writer’s screw up, the fans can fix it. And that’s also why we have YouTube, so the fans can create music video tributes to the couple that should have been. I made two videos myself, and then for a long time couldn’t find anything else J&J on YouTube… Until now!

Just so everyone knows, I did *not* make this video. Many thanks to Allure75 for making this video and posting it on YouTube! Keep up the good work, we need more J&J on YouTube!

Live long and prosper,


***Disclaimer: Star Trek and all the shows and characters and etc. are owned by CBS/Paramount. No copyright infringement intended. This blog is a collection of TrekkieGirl’s opinions and commentaries on the show, conventions, and other Star Trek related topics. TrekkieGirl writes about Trek for fun, not profit.***


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