Episode Review #2: DS9 – House Of Quark

Once again I had some spare time over the weekend and found myself watching DS9 again. Funny how that happens… This time I pulled out my season 3 DVD set and popped in the first disc to watch “House Of Quark”.

Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers! Read further only if you’ve seen the episode, because: 1. There are lots of spoilers and 2. I’m not gonna give you a summary, just some of my random thoughts about each episode, so it helps if you’ve seen the episode.

This has got to be one of my favorite Quark episodes. Oh sure, there are other good Quark episodes, like “The Nagus”, “Rules of Acquisition”, “Profit and Loss”, and some others in later seasons. And Quark will have the occasional great scene, like in the teaser of “The Quickening”. But overall, this has to be my favorite Quark episode.

What seems like a simple bar fight and a tall tale to boost business lands Quark in front of the Klingon High Council. Quark’s way out of the mess relies on his business sense at first, but eventually a risky gamble and some bravery saves his life, and gets him a divorce. The divorce scene was classic, if it were really that easy I’d consider getting married! Klingons definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to a divorce! And if only we ever saw a scene like that with Jadzia and Worf, but I digress.

The subplot with the O’Briens… eh, it was okay. Of course Keiko leaving for Bajor was a big catalyst for all of the great scenes and great friendship we’d see between Bashir and O’Brien since somebody had to keep Miles company while his family was away. But my favorite part of that whole subplot was the scene where Julian tells Miles that Keiko is not going to be happy running the station’s arboretum just like Miles wouldn’t be happy playing with tricorders. For Keiko to be happy, she has to be a botanist, and for Miles to be happy, he’s gotta be an engineer.

I always come back to watch this scene between Miles and Julian when I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life and people are telling me to take what I’m passionate about and make it a hobby when I know darn well I can make a living at doing what I love. Maybe I won’t end up filthy rich, but money isn’t everything. And if Quark heard me say that, he’d wash my mouth out with soap!

Speaking of Quark, even after his trip to the Klingon homeworld and near execution and brief marriage and divorce, he *still* hasn’t learned his lesson about tall tales, as the episode ends with him inflating yet another story. If you want to teach your kids that lying gets you into trouble and you shouldn’t do it, this is not the episode to have them watch since Quark just never learns that lesson…

Live Long and Prosper,


***Disclaimer: Star Trek and all the shows and characters and etc. are owned by CBS/Paramount. No copyright infringement intended. This blog is a collection of TrekkieGirl’s opinions and commentaries on the show, conventions, and other Star Trek related topics. TrekkieGirl writes about Trek for fun, not profit.***


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